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Electronic Gate Maintenance 101

To keep your electric gate running smoothly, there are a few simple steps to take to ensure the longevity of your electric gate.

Automatic gate openers are simple to operate and require very little maintenance.The major thing that needs to be done is to spray silicon spray directly to the inner tube that goes in and out of the arm. Do NOT use any type of spray oils or penetrating oils as these just collect dirt and grime, this includes WD-40. Silicon spray helps to keep the inner seal flexible and it does a good job of keeping the moisture out of the arm, therefore keeping the arm from locking when the temperatures drop below freezing as they have recently.

The hinge area is another area that needs maintenance. Most hinges for ornamental swing gates have grease fittings on them. These should be greased at least several times a year. It would not hurt to periodically remove the arm from the gate and swing the gate by hand to check that it is working properly. It is also advisable to make sure all hinges are still tight and solid. Check for any cracks around the joints and welds and have them repaired as soon as possible.

Chain drive slide gates are imperative to oil the chain regularly. This is an area where we see a tremendous amount of problems. Chains need to flexible, if they are not oiled regularly, they will get stuck and cause significant problems for the gate operators down the road.


So, a little silicon spray, and some elbow grease are vital ingredients to helping insure your gate work properly for years to come.

If your gate is showing any signs of neglect, give us a call us for a FREE ESTIMATE (323) 904-9913 or (310)484-5227 or (818) 691-1799 One of our technicians will help you get it back into working order.

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