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Garage Door Insulation

 Uninsulated garage doors allow a garage to become very cold in winter, and if the garage is attached to the house it fails to serve as an efficient buffer against ambient cold. Also, cold can be hard on a car battery, and entering a cold car in winter is miserable. Furthermore, if the door(s) faces east or west the garage can become very hot during summer. Instead of buffering the house from exterior heat, the garage without insulated east or west doors heats the house in summer.

Figure 1 is an infrared photograph of an uninsulated east facing door taken from inside a Reno, NV garage on an August morning (10 am). The door temperature (red area) is 145 °F and the air temperature inside the garage is above 90 °F (higher than outside) and rising.

This uninsulated east facing garage door heats the garage to 100 °F every sunny morning in summer, which in turn heats the attached house. The freezer in the garage also works harder and consumes more electricity as the temperature rises. The solution for both winter and summer conditions is to insulate the garage door.

Figure 2 shows a garage door in Reno that was insulated with mostly foil backed insulation Prior to insulation, every sunny summer afternoon the air temperature inside the garage would reach 105-110 °F. After insulation the garage high temperature reaches 85° F. The insulation cost for the three car garage was about $60 for materials ~ the homeowner required about 3 hours total labor. An ancillary benefit is the garage door opens more quietly because the insulation absorbs rattle.

Garage Door Safety Tips To Avoiding A Garage Door Accident

Many garage door accidents occur while the individual is attempting self-repair.

Since 1990, an average of 20,000 people a year are treated for garage door related injuries. While the manufacturing and design of modern garage doors makes them safer than ever before, trying to repair the mechanics of these systems without proper training, may pose a danger to homeowners. It is crucial for the safety of home and business owners to know the basic garage door safety tips.

The federal Consumer Products Safety Commission recommends that garage doors be regularly inspected by professionals to ensure they are working properly. Should someone discover that their garage door is no longer working correctly, they should immediately consult a qualified professional or service. When it comes to performing any kind of work on a garage door, the task is best left to those with the proper training and experience. Heres a few garage door safety tips to be aware of when you notice a garage door isn’t operating or functioning properly. Wear and tear from normal use, as well as weather changes can affect the functioning of their garage door. Such as when the weather gets cooler, ice blockages can slow these doors, meaning power must be increased to produce an opening or closing movement. When too much pressure is applied the door may fail and cause disastrous consequences. Also, any doors installed before 1982 should be replaced as these older models do not feature automatic reverse mechanisms for safety purposes.

Another operating issue that may arise, and garage door owners should be aware of are the garage door springs functioning. Because these springs are tightly wound, the amount of pressure that they are under can be hazardous when attempting to repair or replace them. American Garage Doors California is equipped to handle the repair or replacement needs of homeowners with any door brand or kind.
 American Garage Doors California can guarantee swift skilled and safe garage door services. As a local business they are familiar with every part of the garage door system including springs rollers panels and openers. With over 25 years in business, they have provided countless residents with the repairs and replacements they need to enjoy a fully functioning garage door.

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The Power Behind What Opens Your Garage Door and Gate.


The american dream includes the owning of a nice house, and a car love. Unstated, but implied, is the ownership of a garage to go with this american dream. Since the creation of cars, garages have been the site of the fondest memories to families across the country. And yet, when it comes time to buying a new garage door, the device used to open and close such things as your garage door and electric gates are usually what is least understood. Gate Operators,  are not the remote itself, but rather the actual device or motor responsible directly for the opening and closing of the gate. Found on both residential and commercial properties, they are literal life savers and provide increased ease of access to countless numbers of people.

Whether it be for your sliding, swing, and/or dual gates, there are a variety of gate and garage door operators on the market today. It is important to know which type you need and the function it plays.

Gate Operator Pic

Swing Gate Operators

Swing gate operators easily and reliably allow ease of access to the swinging gates themselves. For commercial properties or large residential estates, it may be a wise investment to invest in high traffic swing gate operators.

Most swing gate operators come with security devices that follow pre-installed security codes. No unwanted guests will be getting onto your property with these gate operators.

Sliding Gate Operators

Sliding gate operators are used to open sliding gates, and can come in a few different types. The two most common are gear and chain gate operators. Both relatively cost the same price, their only main difference being the purpose they serve utilizing different opening components.

In some cases, sliding gates may not include the movement you wish, so it is important to fully research their moving capabilities.

Dual Gate Operators

Dual Gate Operators can open and close two gates at once. This is perfect for commercial properties especially, or residential properties with two garage doors, for example.

By buying dual gate operators, you save money and difficulties than when compared to buying two single gate operators.

Of course, there are other factors that need to be kept in mind. Do you want your gate operator to be plastic or metal, for example? Metal is much more durable and is used more with heavy traffic, than plastic operators are. They also have a big difference in weight, so it is a good idea to discuss the ideal one for your home or business.

This is especially true when considering the final aspect, which is the mounting system. The weight, specific purpose, and type of gate operator will determine your mounting system. A few gate operators may work with any mounting system, but slide gates, for example, may require the installation of tracks.

Fortunately, American Garage Doors California can help determine which type of gate operator will give you the best results that is sure to bring immense satisfaction. Call Today for a FREE estimate. 323-904-9913 and visit our site at American Garage Doors California